Our body sometimes emits some nasty funk even we ourselves are scared to admit it. But, we also know that there’s nothing worse than a body odour. Usually, armpit smells are caused by sweat and perspiration. In this post, we’ll be sharing five ways to prevent armpit odour.

1. Shower regularly

A regular shower helps clean our body from sweat and the smells that are associated with it. Picture you a minute after a gym session. Now imagine all that sweat dried up and you had to smell like that all day. When you wash your body and armpit in particular, it leaves it smelling clean and fresh. It’s like having a fresh start.

2. Shave often

It’s harder to get rid of smell from the armpit. This is because asides from the bacteria that sticks to your strands, hairy armpits are prone to accumulate sweat faster leaving it a lot more stinky than usual. So try shaving your armpits clean to reduce odour.

3. Use an antiperspirant

Antiperspirants not only help erase armpit odour, but they are highly effective in regulating your sweaty glands. They do this by plugging the sweat glands which causes you to stop sweating. So instead of a regular deodorant, opt for an antiperspirant. Your armpits will be left smelling good and feeling fresh.

4. Wear cotton clothes

Cotton clothes cause less friction on the skin which helps reduce irritation. With other materials, you might encounter chafing or discomfort that’ll cause you to be itchy and sweaty. Cotton also gives room for a breeze into the skin. So your armpits will get the fresh air they need to smell good.

5. Stay in a cool dry conditioned place

Since sweat is mostly caused by heat and perspiration, staying in a cool environment is going to reduce your chances of sweating. This will in turn reduce your chances of an armpit odour.

Avoiding an armpit odour is basically taking proper hygiene and helping your body breathe during uncomfortable situations. In extreme cases, you should consult your doctor for further assistance.