Enjoying your vacation or generally how the sun feels on your skin? You might want to reconsider how long you spend in the sun. Without sunscreen, you have a tendency of sustaining a sunburn.

If you already have that uncomfortable stinging, inflamed and discoloured skin, you’re already experiencing a sunburn.

In this post, we’ll cover how you can treat your sunburn even faster.

How to treat your sunburn faster

The best way to make sure all your treatments work is by giving your body some time to heal. Once you’re ready to give it a little time, you’re ready to start treating your sunburn. Here are some tips for healing faster

1. Take frequent showers: Your body needs to stay moisturized. Cool showers will not only relieve the stinging but also help your skin heal faster.

2. Get a lot of sleep: If you stop sleeping well, your body might not produce enough cytokines required for aiding your skin to heal itself. So sleep is essential to your healing process.

3. Avoid smoking: Smoking during this period can affect your body’s healing process. This is because it slows down the cells reproduced to help you heal. If you cannot completely quit smoking this period, we suggest you speak to a doctor who can recommend a plan for you during this time.

4. Avoid further sun exposure: This is self-explanatory. You’re treating a sunburn. More sunlight is only going to worsen your skin and make you feel horrible. When you stay away from the sun during this period, you get to thoroughly heal from the previous UV rays.

5. Drink a lot of fluids: Asides from the external care you’re giving your skin, you need to know that healing happens from the inside as well. So take a lot of fluids and stay hydrated. If you feel very dizzy and weak, you can try out oral solutions that’ll help build your electrolytes.

Sunburns don’t heal overnight. No matter how mild they might seem. It’s important to give your body time to fully heal before going back to normal.