If you have oily skin, there are moments when you won’t like your skin. And while you don’t have to worry about wrinkly skin, there is always a higher tendency to have acne and blackheads.

So here are some skin care tips that’ll help you avoid oil build-up

1. Use a Face cleanser

It is important to cleanse your face at least once a day to remove any excess oil. However, instead of lotion-based variants, try using foaming cleansers. They help cleanse your face better and they do a good job of leaving it fresh.

2. Try not to over-cleanse

While removing excess oils are great for your skin, remove the essential oils that can irritate your skin. You should know, acne isn’t always caused by oily skin. Overly dry skin can also cause other skin diseases like rashes.

3. Have a weekly steam session

A weekly steam session is a skincare routine that’ll do wonders for oily skin. It opens up your skin pores and melts all the solids stuck in them. This routine will help you remove makeup remnants, bacteria and accumulated dirt a cleanser cannot reach.

4. Don’t scrub at your skin

Now you might be tempted to scrub at your skin to get oil out of your pores. But it doesn’t work that way. What you’ll get is an irritated skin with reactions. So remember to always treat your skin with care.

5. Avoid Alcohol-Based products

Products with alcohol increase the amount of oil secretion on your skin. If you’re looking towards reducing your body’s oil, you should avoid using alcohol-based products. They are also harsh for your skin.

6. Use Sunscreen

When you’re outdoors, be sure to always apply sunscreen. Also, sunscreen has zinc oxide which helps in preventing acne breakouts.

7. Wash your face after exercising

Sometimes you might be tempted to relax and rest for a while before taking a shower. However, washing your face with soap and water will help take out the dirt before it gets stuck in your pores.

Remember to always carry out your skin routine gently and with care.