• Conceal blemishes or dark under-eye circles with a cream concealer. Tinted Moisturizer saves time, most people usually do their eyes before their face, but if you wait until after your eyes were done to apply moisturizer it will be super dry! So, right after washing your face, apply whichever product you want to use for that day, then let it absorb while you are working on your eyes.
  • Brush up your eyebrows and fill in only where needed. Then, brush again to evenly disperse product through hairs.
  • Dust eyelids with a nude shimmering shadow to whiten irises. Apply a few strokes of mascara to the top and bottom lashes to really open up eyes.
  • Warm up your complexion by adding highlighter to your upper cheekbones, along the temples, down the bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow and on the chin. Spot conceal any dark spots or acne blemishes with a thin layer of concealer
  • Use your fingers or a damp Beauty blender to apply a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation.
  • Minutes 5-6: Brush and fill-in your eyebrow with a fine pencil. Take extra care to shape and cover up any sparse holes. Brows is one of the first steps that I’ll skip when I’m pressed for time, but really it should be one of the last steps. Filling in my brows a little with my favorite pencil.
  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow to lids, making sure to blend well.
  • Dress up your eyes with cat-eye makeup. Create the line with a pencil first, and then go over with black liquid eyeliner. Add a few strokes of mascara.
  • Add a pop of color to your cheeks with blush.
  • Line lips with concealer or a nude pencil to prevent fading. Then, put on lipstick or apply a basic lip balm at this time so it can start to do its magic.
  • Prep skin with a primer to provide a smooth and even base. Tip: Matte makeup primers will help to minimize shine or oil. Then, apply your foundation with a large, flat brush in circular motions for an air-brushed look.
  • Conceal any blemishes that are still coming through and set your face makeup with a loose powder. Once my eyes are done, it’s time to fix the rest of my face! I’ve found that by spending more time on my eyes, I actually end up using a lot less product on my face, and I end up looking better. I already have a little bit of coverage from my tinted moisturizer, so now I go after any problem areas

 Use a gel or powder brow product to fill-in your eyebrows. Don’t forget to brush up into your desired shape. Blending it is usually necessary with concealer, you just pounce it up and down over the area very quickly, then blend it fast and it looks a lot better than when you use a brush, so it hides all of those visible blood vessels.



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