Relationship is not only about love and sex. Most people believe relationship is only about those two, that is main reason relationship breakups are rampant even in marriages.

Most common things that leads to breakups are;

  • LUST

Lust is the resemblance of love that never hold or withstand the weight or force present in a relationship. People often take lust as love, not knowing that lust is totally different. Lust is the feeling or desire to have something urgently, but after having it, the feeling started to reduced.

  • SEX

Sex is one of the most common reason for breakup. There is different way sex can lead to breakup; forcing your partner to have sex when they did not feel like, will make them feel like they are just in relationship to satisfy your physical needs, when you cannot satisfy your partner, also if your idea of having is too wild for your partner to handle.


Lack of trust is also the most common reason for breakup. Trust is one the foundation of a relationship, so if trust is not built before starting a relationship, it can never last. Any activities done by the partner will be suspicious to the other partner.


Family and friends is a big factor to leads to breakup, if you are the type that do and listen to everything they say. Friends can make you turn your back at your partner and family may not accept the relationship between you and your partner.


Understanding is also one of the foundation of relationship. Understanding is very important in a relationship, without it, relationship will be like a ship with two captain, that will capsize.


 Lack of communication is another reason for breakup in relationship. Without communication, there is no way to communicate your interest, need, desire and future plans. This leads to frustration in relationship and the bond that exist will being to wear off.


Abuse is one of the rampant reason for breakup in relationship in this era. Abuse do not just break out in the morning, abuse comes into limelight when there is no understanding and lack of control of anger. Abuse is not just beating, it can be done verbally, there are stages where one cannot tolerate abuse no matter the love or things you are enjoying in that relationship.

RELATIONSHIP is a work of people involve in it, not one side work. All the burden in a relationship is not meant to be carry alone. Relationship is meant for the partner to grow together mentally and physically, not to destroy each other self-esteem. Learn to love yourself and then others, build the trust and understanding, create atmosphere where communication is made easy, and your relationship will last until you both decide to go your separate ways.


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