Kissing is good for you if you are in a relationship where you care about the person you are with. A passionate kiss can build up feelings of love and sex. Below are reasons you should love kissing if you don’t already.

1.  kissing arouses one’s sex drive

Romantic kissing can lead to sexual arousal as a matter of fact, it is the driving force behind a woman’s decision to give in to your sex demand. Research shows that our saliva contains testosterone — a sex hormone that plays a role in sexual arousal.

2. It helps you bond with significant order

When you kiss you partner, there is this bond of affection you get, this is as a result of the Oxytocin chemical that get released during kissing. Therefore, kissing your partner can help to improve your relationship satisfaction.

3. Health advantage

Kissing is good for your health as it helps to build your immune system and get you relieved off stress and anxiety. When you are kissing, your body releases adrenaline, which helps reduce aches and pains and is also known to get rid of headaches. So, the more kissing you do, the less pain, stress, and anxiety you will have. So, what are you waiting for? Try to kiss off that stress, pain and anxiety.

4. Kissing creates a sense of belonging

Kissing your partner always create this sense of “he still loves me” trust me when your partner is not giving you that opportunity to get kissed, this is sad feeling. The absence of kissing in relationship and marriages could make your partner feel you don’t love them anymore and this could be dangerous threat to your marriage or relationship.

It is very important to always kiss your partner in a relationship or marriage, kissing speaks more than words, gives your partner assurance that you still love them and make them feel how passionate you are in the relationship. kissing to say goodnight at bedtime or goodbye when going to work can give you both this connection and sparks up the love the more.

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